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We are a full-service freight forwarder, offering global FCL and LCL transportation via sea, air and rail freight. We are driven by technology and a strong team of experienced logistics specialists. 

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Why FreightHub?

Request real time quotes directly on our website for FCL and LCL shipments 

incl. pre- and on-carriage via all transport modes

Global sea, air and rail freight

Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) shipments  

Pre- and on-carriage via barge, rail and truck

Customs clearance and cargo insurance  

Quote and book your shipments within seconds and manage your documents in one single dashboard

Our Services

Ease of booking and management

Reliable and proactive service

Easily keep control of all your supply chain activities and benefit from end-to-end track & trace and full visibility for all shipments

Europe to Asia

Visibility and transparency

Our team of experienced logistics operators will mitigate the risk of delays and manage all potential exceptions professionally 

Compare different options based on price, duration and carrier and immediately book the shipment that meets your needs 


Keep track of your past, current and future freight shipments in a dashboard that allows  a comprehensive overview of your supply chain


Customer Stories

Sven Hoffmann,

CEO bonvelo

"As the quantity of bikes per container is relatively low, fluctuations of container pricing have severe consequences for bonvelo’s product cost calculation. With transparent and pro-active communication, FreightHub makes planning easier."

„FreightHubs service and handling is fast, transparent, hands- on and without frill. Something we truly appreciate at Lesara."

Meet our successful customers

Matthias Willrich,

Co-Founder & COO Lesara

Dr. Ottmar Gast,

CEO Hamburg Süd

Working with FreightHub, provides us with a window to the future of freight forwarding and forces us to question our current processes with respect to the potential of digitisation.

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